Modular in-plant offices are one of the more cost-effective ways to utilize plant space. By Starrco standards, this type of modular office can be constructed in two-story configurations to free up floor space while occupying un-utilized space. Do you have an exorbitant amount of overhead space and a need to fill it? A two-story in-plant office may be your perfect solution.

Two-Story In-Plant Office Advantages

  • Offers a wide selection of construction materials to meet specific load capacities
  • Allows maximum use of limited production space
  • Utilizes wasted overhead areas
  • Provides excellent supervisory views to ensure security and inspection of daily operations
  • All structural steel columns are separate from the walls in order to achieve maximum flexibility
  • Allows for sound control across a wide range and thermal protection
  • Simpler and more efficient than conventional construction
  • Available tax advantages

In-Plant Office Details

  • Structural members of Starrco’s in-plant offices are anodized aluminum or steel with a rust retardant finish
  • The walls, floor and ceiling are made with a solid impact resistant core composed of durable aluminum or a vinyl-covered finish
  • Sliding doors and windows are of an aluminum finish
  • Swing doors are of commercial-grade steel

Perhaps you have a need for a temporary fix or a long-term product. Either way, Starrco’s in-plant offices are designed to last you for as long as you need. Did we mention how efficient we are? Experienced engineers build all of our projects and they are built in half the time of conventional construction. Contact us today for information on how to get started on your next in-plant modular office.