Starrco In-Plant Office Door Options

When designing and constructing a modular office, the door is one of the most important features to consider. As the only active portion of the entire building, how that door is installed and performs is vital to the daily function of your new modular office. At Starrco, we know how essential a well-functioning modular office door is to the finished product. We’re proud to deliver some of the most durable, best-performing modular office doors on the market today.

Starrco Standard Commercial-Grade Steel Swing Doors

Anything but ordinary, Starrco’s steel modular office doors are designed for simple installation, exceptional durability, and years of maintenance-free performance. Our standard commercial-grade steel swing doors feature the following specifications:

Door Panel Specifications

  • Construction: 20-gauge steel construction
  • Width*: 3’0” standard
  • Height*: 7’0” standard
  • Thickness*: 1 ¾”
  • Edges: Square
  • Core: Polystyrene core

*Special height, width, and double doors are available upon request.

Door Hinge Specifications

  • Size: 4 ½” x 4 ½” square corner hinges, 0.134″ gauge steel
  • Finish: Satin Chrome
  • Standard Features & Compliance: Ball bearing, complies with ANSI A156.1, 1999


  • Standard Features & Compliance: ADA compliant lever lockset

Custom In-Plant Office Door Options

Depending on your modular office’s application, you may be interested in upgraded, specialty, or custom modular office door options. Starrco offers a wide range of modular office doors well beyond the standard steel door, including, but not limited to the options listed below.

Wood Doors

For applications that require an aesthetic finish, Starrco supplies a range of wood doors. Finish that executive office or conference room in style.

Manual Sliding Doors

Maximize light, visibility, and space with manual sliding doors. Easily segment areas of your facility, without losing visibility with manual sliding doors.

Barn Doors

When your enclosure requires an extra-wide entryway, Starrco sliding barn doors easily integrate into our modular wall systems to create a custom solution.

Custom Door Openings

Regardless of your facility’s needs, be it an impact, roll-up, or even an automatic door, Starrco modular wall systems can be designed with framed openings to accommodate nearly any type of customized or special function doors.

Cleanroom & Controlled Environment Doors

Beyond traditional modular office and warehouse office doors, Starrco is proud to supply doors that serve specialty applications like cleanrooms and environmentally controlled rooms. Whether your application requires advanced features like:

  • Unique hardware
  • Kickplates
  • Door seals
  • Continuous hinge
  • Door closers
  • And more

Starrco has the capabilities and the experience to deliver the features you need. We work with cleanroom and controlled environment system integrators daily and are happy to outfit your modular building with the specialty features you need to meet any restriction or requirement.

Why Choose Starrco?

At Starrco, we know that in any in-plant office or modular wall system, be it a modular warehouse office, a conference room, or an equipment enclosure, function is only as good as the door that finishes it. At Starrco, we take pride in knowing our modular office doors consistently outperform the competition. Here’s why Starrco doors simply perform better.

Starrco’s Exclusive Door Frame System

Unlike other modular office doors which are typically cut out of a wall panel and tapped into place, Starrco steel door frames are engineered to feature a unique door frame system that fits deep into the stud framing system. This provides exceptional structure and integrity, incorporating the door into the building design, keeping every door swinging smoothly every day for years to come.

Factory-Hung & Precision-Fitted Office Doors

Every Starrco door is test fitted at our facility to ensure proper alignment on site. We do this to ensure that when your door is installed on-site, it hangs perfectly and can be installed swiftly.

Fast Installation

Because Starrco doors are test-fitted before they ship, they install in just minutes. The hinge jamb, strike jamb, and header are interlocked and precision-fitted to ensure the modular doors align. Once installed, a Starrco door never comes out of alignment.

Years of Maintenance-Free Performance

Starrco is proud to use high-quality components like ball-bearing hinges on every door to ensure a long lifetime of maintenance-free (and squeak-free!) performance.

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