Building Beautiful Manufacturing Spaces in Louisiana

Maintenance and repairs to infrastructure are annual practices in the manufacturing industry. This applies to machinery as well as the structures that protect your equipment and the buildings that house your employees.

Whether you are remodeling or building from scratch, choosing a solution that delivers quality, durability and flexibility will maximize the value of your budget and reduce long-term maintenance issues.

A Modular Renovation in Monroe

When Mid South Extrusions , a leading manufacturer of films for the industrial packaging markets, needed to repair an existing modular building at its plant in Monroe, Louisiana, it reached out to its trusted material handling dealer, Nelson Equipment, for help.

Nelson’s sales manager, A. T. Emery, inspected the site and recommended the company simply replace the damaged wall panel sections; but with a higher quality and more durable product.

Their existing modular building was not a Starrco building,” says Emery. “So I went in and started telling him all the benefits of the Starrco panel for his existing building.”

The client loved the fit and finish of the new walls, and the modular renovation was a big hit.

How Modular Won the Day

Mid South was so impressed by their experience working with Nelson and the Starrco product, it asked Emery to bid for another project.

“He told me, I’ve got this building in the back that I’m tearing down and I want to get a quote for modular construction versus conventional construction,” says Emery. “It was a pretty tough competitive situation.”

Working from a rough floor plan, Emery and Starrco developed a ballpark quote and highlighted how a modular solution would be a better fit for Mid South’s needs than conventional construction.

  • The entire project could be depreciated at once. If the company built conventionally, depreciation would take 39 years.
  • Starrco pre-engineers every facet of the project to the exact specifications of the client and the space, then manufactures every component of the building offsite. Fast installation by a factory-trained crew meant the building would be up and running 75 percent faster than if they opted for the conventional route.
  • Modular provides options to effortlessly expand the building. Wall panels can be easily moved and new rooms or even a second floor can be added when they need more space.

Design and Engineering Support from the Starrco Team of Experts

It took a few months for Mid South to refine the floor plan to meet its exact needs. Every step of the way, Emery leaned on the expertise of the Starrco team.

Working closely with Starrco’s Territory Manager Mark Worth as well as company Vice President Dave Cox, no detail was left to chance.

Incorporating plumbing and restrooms is a much more detailed process than basic modular construction,” says Emery. “Everything has to be plumbed first, and then you can finish the building around the plumbing.”

Mid South has everything they wanted in their new building. It is beautiful, functional and durable.


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