How to Redesign Your Office for More Space

Your office space houses your biggest asset — your people. Here are a few tips to help you tackle a redesign that gives your people a bit more space, without breaking your budget.

5 Office Redesign Tips For More Space on a Budget

If your office is on the small side, you’ll be looking for ways to maximize the space you have and make it work well for you and your team. Here are 5 ways to make your office look and feel bigger without expensive changes.

#1 Establish Zones Using Modular Walls

Modular office systems are a great way to maximize your space in a way that’s affordable. A variety of different panel types can offer your office redesign a different feel. Using glass or clear vinyl panels, you can create private zones in your office without putting up walls. They allow light to pass through, which keeps the office feeling bright and airy, while dividing the space into dedicated work areas.

Lower modular partitions or half-walls also work to organize the space while maintaining the long sight lines of the space. Watch how quickly these modular walls come together to create a beautiful office space!


#2 Create Hybrid Spaces to Reduce Desks and Cubicles

Integrate more “unassigned” areas to provide spaces for those with hybrid schedules, without making in-office staff feel cramped.

Add more seating options that encourage collaboration and give employees more than one option of where to work. Have a few couches by a bright window, a long, communal table in a conference room, or tall tables along the wall where employees can stand and work.

#3 Redesign Your Office with Light Colors to Make it Feel Bigger

Light and neutral colors can make a small office seem bigger and brighter. Bring life into the dark corners of your office space using a white or off-white with colorful, fun accents. Or, energize the office space with bold colors. Whatever you choose, make it feel fresh and lively to help motivate your employees.

#4 Light it Up

Lighting matters! Choose modular office lighting that makes your space look great, provides effective illumination without straining employees’ eyes, and works efficiently to save energy and operating costs.

#5 Expand Your Office Redesign

If you’re still short on space, consider utilizing available overhead space by installing a two-story modular office. Modular offices make it easy to redesign for more space because they can expand and grow as you do. Modular panel systems are also easier and cleaner to install — and uninstall — than traditional construction methods.

If you ever want to condense your office again, modular wall panels can easily be removed and repurposed for storage or other uses. They will continue to hold their value because you can transport and use them for other projects.

If you’re redesigning your office, but aren’t sure where to start when it comes to maximizing your space, Starrco can help. Our modular office solutions help you get the most out of the space you have, in a way that’s fast, affordable, and easy to install.

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