Modular Smoking Shelters

**First off, we are not promoting or encouraging the practice of tobacco use. We are simply presenting a smoking shelter option for employers who permit smoking at their facility. **

We understand that smoking in the workplace is a major concern for people on both sides of the isle. Smokers don’t want to be forced to stand out in the rain and nonsmokers fear exposure to secondhand smoke could lead to health problems. Well, we may have portable buildings in our arsenal that will satisfy both parties.

At Starrco, we offer modular buildings (AKA smoking shelters) that can be installed inside or outside your manufacturing plant. Our portable outdoor shelters are weather resistant and provide an accessible and protective smoking room for employees and individuals wanting to relax or take that quick smoke break. Outdoor smoking shelters protect occupants from outside elements in most any kind of weather. A Starrco portable building such as a modular shelter can also represent the fastest, easiest, cheapest way for your company to comply with new state and local laws regarding a smoke-free work and leisure environment.

All portable enclosures and smoking shelters feature structural members of either anodized aluminum or steel with a rust retardant finish. Walls, ceiling and floor have a solid impact resistant core with a durable aluminum or vinyl covered finish for low maintenance and long life. Besides portable smoking shelters, Starrco modular buildings and portable rooms have been used for valet shelters, bus shelters, and several other applications.

In summary, you have a substantial opportunity to save yourself and your company time and money with a preassembled building. Regardless of the size or complexity of your modular building project, you can rely on Starrco to provide you with flexible modular office solutions and smoke shelters for sale. Contact Starrco for a fast & free modular building quote today!

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