The Best of Both Worlds

We have discussed in great detail the benefits of modular construction such as, speed, efficiency, and environmentally-friendly qualities. Despite that, it still remains only 1 percent of the overall commercial construction market. Traditional commercial contractors often have more notoriety in the construction world, making it difficult for modular contractors to compete. While both practices are vastly different, if forces align, the ultimate building model can be formed.

So let’s recap: modular buildings are built offsite and capitalize on the ability to move product in a controlled atmosphere and on tight project schedules. Also, it is inherently waste conscious and will have minimal site impact if strategically delivered. Modular construction is the most efficient construction practice, but even the best want to get better.

When combining the two methods, the modular components are of the same design and layout. This is an effective method of construction to use for rooms that very “cookie cutter”; they can be constructed in a factory one after the other with proper quality control. Site construction allows for large open areas such as gathering areas and common grounds. Within the site built areas are elevators, maintenance rooms, electrical rooms, and stairwells. These are spaces that are unique to the building and cannot be built in an offsite facility. By using the most effective methods from each practice, builders can produce the most sustainable structure possible.

Furthermore, integrating the two methods will allow builders to lay the foundation while the modules are being constructed in a state-of-the-art facility, thus saving you time and money. The savings come from shortening the projects schedule and creating a much more sustainable product.

If your company is considering a new modular building as an option for growth, remember the savings. The ease in saving natural resources, the time you save in uninterrupted business, and the reduction in manpower all contribute to a healthier bottom line. Contact us about Starrco modular office systems to find out what these savings mean for you.

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