The many functions of an Inplant office

At Starrco, our modular office systems can be designed to serve a multitude of purposes. We realize as an outsider, one might think that a portable building can only be used in the industrial arena, but that is simply not the case. Anyone who is looking for an affordable, energy efficient expansion to their existing structure­—look no further than an inplant office!

Like we said earlier, our modular offices can be used in multiple industries and for an array of purposes. Whether it’s for a break room inside a loud manufacturing plant or a smoking shelter outside an office building, our structures will fit any need.

At Starrco, we offer a variety of construction material, creative architects and interior designers that can produce quiet enclaves where two or more people can congregate. The design also allows the structure to be easily modified as your needs change, allowing your break room to have flexible placement for electronic equipment. With our high quality, self-contained wall panels, break rooms can be constructed with sound absorbing components to eliminate machine and processing noise. We also offer optional HVAC controls and thermal insulating; the space can be cooled or heated to provide a comfortable escape from areas that get excessively warm or chilled during manufacturing.

Starrco, a leading supplier of modular offices systems, clean rooms, safety guard rails and portable offices, is committed to providing custom-designed solutions that are pre-engineered and manufactured to precisely fit your application. So if you’re considering an inplant office, or another type of modular building, call us today!

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