6 Benefits of Modular Cannabis Grow Rooms

The cannabis industry is in a period of rapid growth and expansion. Growers need high-quality facilities they can put up quickly and expand rapidly to meet consumer demand. Modular grow rooms are an ideal solution for the cannabis industry. Offering fast, streamlined construction, as well as high-quality features and customizable design options, modular cannabis grow rooms can help growers get business up and running quickly, and efficiently. If you’re looking into modular cannabis grow room construction, here are 6 benefits that modular grow rooms can deliver:

01. Streamlined Construction Process

The traditional construction process is notoriously slow. From scheduling a host of subcontractors to waiting for various shipments to arrive, there’s the hassle of establishing a construction process, not to mention the work of on-site construction itself. Modular cannabis grow rooms offer a better solution. Every component of a modular cannabis grow room is manufactured off-site in a dedicated facility where quality is assured. Once complete, the entire project is shipped directly to the build site. Upon arrival modular grow rooms can be assembled and ready for operation in a matter of days.

Beyond the ease of construction, modular wall systems also deliver a better-performing finished product. Wire studs, extended wall heights, and steel support beams provide the structural support necessary to create the large, open spaces needed for your grow room. While traditional construction can achieve some of these design features, they come at a higher cost and can take much longer to construct. When it comes to modular construction, your cannabis grow room is built quickly and efficiently, delivering exactly the features you need, when you need them.

02. Polyisocyanurate Core Delivers Improved Safety and Performance

Traditional grow room construction most often offer EPS foam core to insulate walls and wall panels. This is problematic for a few reasons. Polystyrene, the product used in most XPS, EPS, and Styrofoam insulation products, is thermoplastic. That means that these products soften at 165° and begin to drip and melt when temperatures reach 200°. This presents a significant safety risk for both personnel and valuable equipment. Any person or piece of equipment near a polystyrene wall or ceiling panel is in danger as that material begins to soften or drip. This also creates a significant hazard when it comes to building evacuation.

Polyisocyanurate presents a significant advantage over the traditional polystyrene. Because polyisocyanurate insulation products are thermoset, they are rigid. They do not soften or melt under high heat, which means they can actually function as a protective char layer, withstanding elevated temperatures and buying valuable time for personnel to reach safety in the event of a fire. Polyisocyanurate is also the only foam plastic insulation to have both FM and UL approval for direct-to-steel deck, and is approved for food processing, another necessary distinction for many cannabis grow rooms.

03. Tongue and Groove Panel Connection

Cannabis grow rooms require special considerations for environmental controls. From maintaining optimal temperatures to ideal light conditions, your grow room must be tightly sealed and well insulated. Tongue and groove panel connections offered by top modular cannabis grow room suppliers deliver both the environmental control and the fast installation you need. Tongue and groove panel connections nest together easily and provide a seal to eliminate light transmission between rooms and to provide a consistent, well-controlled grow environment.

04. Durability to Withstand Harsh Conditions

Modular cannabis grow rooms are uniquely innovated to deliver the very best in quality and durability. Manufactured from 24 gauge structural steel and finished with a polyester-painted exterior surface, a modular cannabis grow room can handle whatever you throw at it. From hot temperatures to constant light exposure, modular cannabis grow rooms are designed to withstand the elements, providing you with an easily cleanable, durable, and long-standing modular wall system that will last for years to come.

05. Future-Proof Your Grow Room With Modular Construction

The cannabis industry is under a period of rapid growth. As laws and consumer habits change, sometimes overnight, your grow room needs to be ready to accommodate massive growth in short periods of time. Modular cannabis grow rooms are designed to adapt to those changes on a remarkably short turnaround time.

Since modular grow room panelized wall systems are manufactured with standardized components, it’s easy to add wall panels onto your existing space, or reconfigure entirely making use of all of the materials you already have. Easily expand, reconfigure, relocate, and meet the industry’s constantly changing needs — on your timeline.

06. Modular Construction May Provide Significant Tax Relief

Modular construction may offer significant tax relief for those building cannabis grow rooms. Because modular grow rooms can be fully dismantled, relocated, and even reassembled, they often qualify as tangible personal property, which is depreciable over just 7 years. This offers significant tax benefits for cannabis growers, especially when compared with the standard 39 year depreciation rate of traditionally constructed grow rooms.

For more information on the tax savings associated with modular cannabis grow rooms, see the Starrco modular building depreciation table, and we suggest a visit with you accountant or other tax professional.

Modular construction delivers a range of benefits for cannabis grow rooms. From safe, durable wall panels to high-performance tongue and groove panel connections, modular cannabis grow rooms are designed to install quickly, and deliver long-lasting durability and environmental control. To learn more about grow-room-specific modular construction products, check out Starrco’s High-Performance Wall System, made with cannabis grow rooms in mind. And if you’re ready to find a high-performing modular cannabis grow room solution, talk to the experts at Starrco today.

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