Advantages to Pre-Engineered Office Systems

Pre-Engineered office systems can be used for a wide variety of applications. The flexibility and structural integrity of Pre-Engineered construction allows for virtually unlimited uses, including:

Pre-Engineered vs. Conventional Construction

Starrco pre-engineered buildings feature several advantages over traditional “stick-built” and block construction. The modular office wall systems are engineered for easy installation and relocation while providing the structural integrity and strength of conventional construction. A summary of the advantages of Pre-Engineered buildings are listed below:

  • Flexibility – The wall panels and framework are pre- finished creating a system which is 100% reusable. This makes modifying and expanding existing offices quick and easy.
  • Pre-engineered – Starrco pre engineered wall systems allow for multiple configurations including two-story modular offices, load-bearing systems and single person portable offices.
  • Structural – Starrco modular office wall systems are engineered to be durable and maintenance free. We can design modular offices to meet the most demanding conditions, including seismic loading requirements.
  • Installation – The wall systems and framework ship pre-finished and are cut to size, allowing for quick installation with minimal disruption to the surrounding workspace. Each system will include a detailed CAD drawing and material list. The components are individually labeled allowing for easy identification of parts by crews unfamiliar with Starrco’s materials.
  • Taxes – Starrco’s products can be fully dismantled, relocated and reassembled. This mobility allows our products to be classified as tangible property with a seven (7) year depreciation life (in lieu of the 39-year life of conventional construction).

Starrco manufactures two different Pre-Engineered modular office wall systems with 3″ thick panels. Each pre-engineered wall system features design characteristics that will meet a wide array of office applications and requirements.

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