When Building A Clean Room, Go Modular!

Are you looking to build a clean room for your business? Or do you need to renovate an existing clean room in your facilities? If the answer is yes, don’t waste your time planning and budgeting the construction of a permanent clean room. Instead, go modular!

Because your company’s demands can change over time, you need a space that allows for expansion, reconfiguration or possible relocation in the future. Starrco Modular Clean Rooms can offer you just that – versatility, easy installation and, of course, a contaminant-free work environment.

And the best part? Using Starrco Modular Clean Rooms reduces the costs your company has to incur for the project! How? By taking less time for installation, it allows for the complete dismantling and relocation as needed. Plus, these modular clean rooms offer a tax advantage of seven years depreciation that also helps your bottom line.

Wonder what some of the applications for Starrco Modular Clean Rooms are? The list includes, but not limited to: animal housing labs, sound enclosures, CMM rooms, meteorology labs, special enclosures for the automotive industry and many more!

If you need your clean room to be up and running as soon as possible – no problem! An average Starrco Modular Clean Room installation project can be completed over the weekend, making for a quick turnaround. What are you waiting for? Go to our website or contact us to learn how to get started with us!

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