Electrical Systems for Modular Offices

Starrco has available a modular electrical systems package that is completely Pre-Engineered. Our “Quick-Tric” Pre-Engineered modular electrical systems are designed to snap together for fast and easy installation as part of our modular office solution. The connections are color-coded and safety keyed to lock together in one direction making it virtually impossible to connect the system incorrectly.

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  • Modular building components are 100% reusable.
  • All components are U.L. listed and meet N.E.C. requirements.
  • System is easy to add-on to or relocate.
  • Electrician is needed only to hookup power source to breaker box.
  • System snaps together quickly and can be installed while the office is being assembled.
  • Spring steel latches hold connections securely in place.
  • System is 5 wire with 2-circuit capability.
  • All wiring is 12 gauge with THHN insulation.
  • A complete layout drawing and material list are supplied.
  • All components are wired to the modular connectors at the factory.**

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*Important Note: A few local electrical codes do not allow Pre-Engineered electrical components. The local building inspector should be consulted prior to ordering to determine if any code restrictions apply.

**Some office manufacturers offer modular electric packages but they require the installer to wire the connectors to the electrical devices in the field. Starrco’s Quick- Tric system comes from the factory with all components, including the panel board, wired with the modular connectors.

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