National Building Code Requirements

A common question regarding Starrco prefab office buildings is “Do they meet building code requirements?” Unfortunately, the current national building code (IBC-International Building Code) does not specifically address interior modular construction.

Starrco has tried to design our modular offices to meet the sections of the code that most closely apply to interior structures. Listed below are the criteria we used in the design of our modular factory offices and the appropriate building code sections:

  • All Starrco modular offices are designed to resist a 5 pound per square foot lateral load applied evenly to the office system. This means our office systems are structurally sound enough to handle the day to day stress and strain of a factory environment.
    (2009 IBC section 1607.13)
  • Starrco’s DL wall panels are manufactured with ½” vinyl faced gypsum board laminated to a 1 lb density UL tested polystyrene core. The gypsum board creates a thermal barrier that protects the polystyrene foam during a fire.
    (2009 IBC section 2603.4)
  • Starrco’s DL wall panel was tested for extended duration surface burning characteristics in accordance to ASTM E-2768. The wall panel was found to have a flame spread of less than 25 and a smoke development of less than 10. Copies of the laboratory test results are available upon request.
    (2009 IBC sections 803.1 and 703.4.2)

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Please be aware that the local building code official has the final say as to whether or not our office system meets the local code requirements. The information above should help the official when reviewing our modular building systems. Starrco can also provide stamped engineering drawings if required by the local municipality. Contact the factory for the cost of this service.

Competitive Note: Be aware of modular office manufacturers who offer a panel constructed of steel, laminated directly to a polystyrene core. This panel construction will NOT meet modular building codes. The steel does not offer a thermal barrier and will not protect the polystyrene core from the heat of a fire.

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