8 Benefits of a Modular In-Plant Office

An in-plant office is a dedicated office space built within an industrial warehouse, factory, or manufacturing facility. It provides a clean, quiet, and comfortable space away from the noise of the work environment. And when built modularly, it can offer a number of additional benefits.

Below we list some of the key benefits a modular in-plant office can bring to your facility.

Why You Should Consider an In-plant Office

Modular in-plant offices are ideal for just about any industry or application. Here are eight of the top reasons why.

1. Isolated but Accessible Space

A modular in-plant office offers a separate, comfortable space away from the business of the production floor — but not too far away. Most manufacturers need administrative offices but find it impractical to house those offices offsite. It pulls necessary employees too far away from operations, which can hurt productivity and, in turn, reduce profitability.

With a modular in-plant office, you can have the best of both worlds. Employees can have a space to work on administrative tasks or take a break but are then able to walk out the door and get back to operations seamlessly. Modular in-plant offices can also be designed in two-story configurations to take advantage of vertical space if you’re worried about taking up too much room on your production floor.

2. Quick & Simple Installation

The modular components used to construct in-plant offices are precision manufactured in a controlled facility offsite. Structural components like framing, wall panels, windows, and more all come ready to install.

This modular design makes for an incredibly fast and simple installation process. In fact, it can be up to 75% faster than the installation process for a conventionally built office space.

3. High-Quality, Durable Materials

Another aspect that enables a fast installation timeline? High-quality, durable materials. Precision-manufactured components typically ensure fewer errors, which means you’ll spend less time waiting on replacements to be made and delivered.

After installation is complete, your in-plant office will withstand years of use. Its high-quality, durable components ensure years of maintenance-free service, no matter your office’s size, shape, or application.

4. Minimal Construction & Installation Mess

Precision-manufactured components make for fewer construction mistakes, messes, and waste. If the components are built right the first time, there’s no need to trash them and start over. Plus, since the components are built offsite, there is far less loud machinery and fewer messes to interrupt your daily operations while the installation occurs.

5. Custom Features & Components

Most modular in-plant offices are built with these main structural components:

  • Wall panels (FRP, HDPE, aluminum, steel)
  • Framing (aluminum, powder-coated)
  • Windows (aluminum, powder-coated)
  • Doors (swing)

However, one of the many benefits of building modular is unique customization abilities. Any of the components above can be built to meet your specifications, and there are plenty of optional add-ons you can choose from as well. Think of things like lighting features, ADA-compliant hardware, safety features, multiple-story configurations, etc.

6. Long-Term Scalability

Another benefit of modular construction is its inherent versatility. Your in-plant office can grow or change right alongside your facility and company. If you need to expand, reconfigure, renovate, or relocate, modular components make the process fast and easy.

For this reason, a modular in-plant office is a great long-term investment.

7. Low Environmental Impact

Modular construction, minimal installation waste, long-lasting solutions make for small environmental footprints. As more companies turn toward eco-friendly solutions, this is one way your facility can do its part to help our planet.

You’ll end up with a sleek, comfortable new office space, and Earth won’t suffer because of it.

8. Cost-Effectiveness

For all of the reasons listed above, modular in-plant offices are incredibly cost-effective. They’re installed easily, last a long time, can be scaled to continuously meet your needs, and require minimal maintenance. You won’t find a more high-quality yet affordable solution that meets all of your needs on the market.

Extra Benefits for Building a Modular In-Plant Office with Starrco

A modular in-plant office is a great solution for manufacturing and warehousing facilities everywhere. But a modular in-plant office from Starrco is even better.

At Starrco, we’ve been building modular in-plant office systems for years, ensuring top-notch quality and service with every project. Here are some additional benefits you’ll enjoy by working with us on your next build:

  • Years of Maintenance-Free Service — We source only the highest-quality materials and components for our builds. Combined with expert installation, our team can guarantee you years of maintenance-free service from your new office space.
  • Built-to-Code Commitment — Our modular in-plant offices are designed to comply with the structural requirements of the International Building Code. Our commitment to this code means that no matter what zone requirements affect your facility or location, we’ll ensure your project is built for peak performance.
  • Excellent Customer Service — Personal, responsive customer service is one of our core values. We all care about delivering a great end result and will work collaboratively with you to achieve it.

Ready to Build Your Modular In-Plant Office? Choose Starrco.

If you need a clean, quiet space that’s separate from the manufacturing floor, a modular in-plant office is the way to go. And if you need one that meets the highest performance standards in the industry, Starrco is your top choice.

Give our team a call at (888) 305-4268 or contact us online to get your project started.

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