10 Things to Know About Modular Offices From Starrco

10 things to know about modular offices from starrco

Whether you’re looking to create a more pleasant work environment to boost productivity or to add more space for employees or management, modular offices could be the right choice for you. These predesigned and preconstructed buildings can fit easily on your property, quickly forming a new business space in significantly less time than it would take for traditional construction.

Starrco has a wide range of modular offices for sale, so you can find one that best suits your needs. Our team will help you find a manufactured office that meets all your business requirements so you can make the most of your new space.

What Are Modular Offices?

Modular offices are prefabricated buildings that are ideal for temporary or semi-permanent use. These offices are constructed off-site by the manufacturer and delivered to the desired location. Modular offices are an excellent way to add an office to an existing space or create an office space when working in a remote area.

Top 10 benefits of starrco modular offices

Top 10 Benefits of Modular Offices From Starrco

Modular offices are used for numerous industries, from education to manufacturing. The commercial and industrial applications of modular offices are endless. Some of the most notable benefits of modular offices we offer at Starrco include:

1. Versatility

Modular offices are some of the most versatile spaces around. Modular office spaces can be constructed to meet your project needs, no matter the size. These modular spaces are used in a variety of ways, including:

You can use module office spaces whenever you need more space for your business operations. These preconstructed units are also an excellent way to create an air-conditioned space when working outdoors or in remote areas where employees work in the heat away from existing infrastructure.

2. Customization

Starrco uses a two-piece wall stud, so you can easily make changes to your modular office space if your needs change. You can add room dividers to create break rooms, computer or engineering labs, conference rooms, and much more. The customization and changeability of modular office buildings are some of the main benefits of preconstruction vs. traditional construction.

3. Quick Construction

Modular office construction is much faster than traditional construction. You can usually expect modular office construction to be completed in about 25 percent of the time of traditional construction. Despite the quick construction, these buildings still boast high quality.

4. Quicker Depreciation

Traditional construction takes 39 years to depreciate. A Starrco modular office for sale can be depreciated in only seven years, so you save major money and taxes. The tax savings you gain can be reinvested into your business, whether you use it to fund a new modular office or another expense within your operations.

5. Simplified Electrical Connection

Starrco offers pre-engineered electrical systems. Our “Quick-Tric” electrical system snaps together quickly and is installed during office assembly. An electrician is only needed to hook the power source to the breaker box, so you’ll be up and running in no time.

6. Numerous Building Options

One size mobile modular office does not fit all. For your modular office space, you can choose doors, windows, and wall panel finishes that reflect your style. Door options include commercial-grade steel or wood. Starrco offers panels in Khaki, White, and Grey, in addition to painted aluminum, painted steel, and fiberglass-reinforced plastic. Click here to see the typical product specs.

7. Quick Setup

You can change your modular space in just one weekend. A Starrco modular office for sale can often be installed in just a few days. All Starrco materials are completely finished, so no sanding or painting is required.

The quick setup of a modular office reduces the risk of unwanted interruptions in your workspace, allowing your operations to move seamlessly and your employees to work in comfort. Once your modular office is set up, you can move or expand the existing space based on your changing business need.

8. Accessory Compatibility

You can outfit your custom modular office system with accessories to maximize the functionality and aesthetics of your space. Some options include windows, doors, roof decks, drop ceiling systems, pre-wired modular electrical systems, and pre-engineered heating and cooling units.

9. Expansion Capabilities

Two-story modular spaces are a great way to expand your workspace without losing precious floor space. Two-story modular offices make great supervisor offices or extra storage spaces.

10. Sustainability

Modular office spaces are sustainable alternatives to traditional construction — businesses can use these structures in numerous ways over time because they’re not permanent, making them more sustainable than permanent buildings that can only be used in one way. Starrco is committed to sustainability and uses recycled and reclaimed materials when constructing modular office systems to minimize environmental impact.

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Modular offices have many benefits and are a great way to expand your current space or create a dedicated working space on a remote worksite. Starrco offers a wide selection of modular office buildings, whether you need construction shipped to you quickly or you require a custom solution for your business.

We also have used modular implant offices for sale to help you generate savings while creating space. We can help you take the hassle out of construction with our prefabrication solutions.

For more information on modular office construction, visit our FAQ page. Request more information on our modular office spaces for sale here.

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